Find us at: 570 W. Ave 26 #250 • Los Angeles, CA 90065


  1. Entry fee: $35.00 per adult. Children are FREE and will be provided a “Loner” Rod & Reel courtesy of the Los Angeles Rod & Reel Club. Due to limited space for youth, registration is required – Children must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Adult Anglers who volunteer for the “Kid Fish” section of the day (starting at 10:00am) will receive a $10 registration discount. Duties include showing young anglers how to cast and advising them on the stewardship of river fishing. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early for check-in.
  2. Signed and completed Waivers form must be received at check in day of the event. You will not be allowed to participate without the required waivers.
  3. All anglers must check in for final registration at the California State Parks Bowtie Parcel (2780 W. Casitas Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90039) on Saturday, September 3, 2016, no later than 8:30a.m. Kid Fish participants must check in no later than 10:00am
  4. Fishing times: Saturday – 9:00am to 11:30am Activities will run later yet the contest is limited in time.
  5. All entries will be based on weight, in case of a tie, length will be the determining factor.
  6. All contestants must observe all US Fish & Wildlife, Los Angeles City Parks, rules and regulations concerning sport fishing. This includes submission of signed waivers from Los Angeles County Flood Control.
  7. Feel free to find an area you desire, find your sweet spot, feel free to use waders and head across the river as long as you can bring back your catch to our on-site biologist.
  8. All anglers must meet back at location of the Press Conference for awards ceremony.
  9. All fish entered are subject to examination by fisheries biologists and derby officials.
  10. One rod, either fly or spin, per contestant
  11. No live bait
  12. Barbless hooks only
  13. Shore fishing and wading allowed with appropriate wading gear
  14. Fish will be measured alive and put back into water unharmed
  15. Be a good sportsman or sports woman


  1. Violations of any California Department of Fish & Wildlife fishing safety regulations.
  2. Use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs.

For more information about the event and registration, please contact Special Projects Manager William Preston Bowling at