Matching Gift Update:    We’ve raised $40,000!  

Infinite thanks to the 78 people who helped us make the match.

These are unrestricted funds; we can spend them any way we want.  Let me tell you what unrestricted funds have done for the River this year:

The City of Los Angeles knew it had to tear down the decaying 6th Street Bridge.  In its place they were going to build the easiest, by the numbers, cookie-cutter design.  FoLAR spent three years pushing for the City to sponsor an international design competition. Finally, the City agreed. Now FoLAR is on the committee overseeing that design.

 The 125 acre Piggyback Yard is the last active railroad yard in the City. Over the last four years, FoLAR has guided two major studies to design the yard’s post-industrial future, efforts so successful that FoLAR and its partners have won five architectural awards for design even though it’s still years away from being built.

In January 2011, FoLAR and its allies produced:  Recommendations for Near-Term Recreational Access and Use of the Los Angeles River.  The report calls for recreational zones in the Sepulveda Basin, the Glendale Narrows and the Los Angeles River Estuary.  After we presented our report to the Los Angeles City Council’s Ad Hoc River Committee Councilmember Reyes carried these recommendations forward.   That summer a pilot program took over 200 people in canoes and kayaks on the River in the Sepulveda Basin.  Over 2,000 people will boat the River this year – thanks to FoLAR’s initiative.

Last fall FoLAR, working with the UCLA Environmental Law Clinic (download bill SB 1201 Chaptered-Signed),  a bill that fundamentally changes the way that the L.A. County Department of Public Works relates to public access and the River. FoLAR worked closely with State Senator Kevin De León to shepherd the bill through the Assembly and the State Senate.  On August 28 Governor Brown signed it!

That’s so typical of Friends of the Los Angeles River – hard work that succeeds like magic.   But magic like this only happens with the dedicated support of River-lovers like you.


But we don’t want to keep the mojo all to ourselves. That’s why we want to thank you for your support.

If you give $1,000 dollars, I will take you and three friends on a picnic at the River,

For $1500, Pulitzer Prize winning food writer Jonathan Gold will take you and three friends on the hunt for a great fish dinner.

For $5,000 dollars – well there’s no telling what we might do short of re-naming the River after you, but we guarantee it’s going to be magical.


So become the Wizard of FoLAR.  Help FoLAR turn the mighty Los Angeles into a swimmable, fishable, boatable River; a Los Angeles River Greenway from the mountains to the sea.

 Help us turn $40,000 into $80,000 today!

Lewis MacAdams, next to NRDC’s Joel Reynolds, testifies at the L.A. River Hearing in October, 2011, advocating for River access and use


 See you down by the River,

Lewis MacAdams, Founder and President


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