By Sylvia G. Haim, Elie Kedourie

Released within the yr 1982, Zionism and Arabism in Palestine and Israel is a invaluable contribution to the sector of center jap reports.

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In the ensuing debates with VL leaders, Samuel displayed increasing annoyance and gave frank expression to his strong doubts and misgivings about the Yishuv attitude to the Arabs. He warned VL spokesmen that it was they who were ‘courting disaster’ by their attitude which appeared to ignore the existence of a powerful Arab movement. Yishuv representatives, reporting on interviews with the High Commissioner, quoted Samuel as saying:93 You yourselves are inviting a massacre, which will come as long as you disregard the Arabs.

103 Tension had indeed decreased, security had improved, and economic prosperity was beginning to be felt. Few could dispute the fact that Samuel had been an outstanding administrator, and that he would be leaving the country in far better shape than he had found it. But, despite the outward expressions of official Zionist satisfaction at the improvements in the situation in Palestine, the local Jewish community remained bitter and critical of what they still considered the insufficiently sympathetic administration of Sir Herbert Samuel.

In his reply to the AE’s memorandum,131 Churchill made it quite clear that the present form of government would ‘continue for many years’ and that only ‘step by step’ would Britain ‘develop representative institutions leading up to full self-government’. ’ However, like so many other cherished notions, the idea of the extremely gradual development of self-government in Palestine did not stand up to the May 1921 riots. 132 The Secretary of State was most reluctant to ‘make such a concession under pressure’, which would be, in his view, ‘to rob it of half its value’; he informed Samuel that he was decidedly ‘not of opinion that the morrow of the Jaffa riots was the best moment for such a concession’.

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