By George Simon and W. J. Hamilton (Auth.)

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If an anterior view is taken with the subject leaning slightly forwards there wiU be a gap between the acromion and the head of the humerus (Figure 39), and 39 Figure 35. Radiograph of the shoulder joint of an adult (posterior view). It shows scapular adduction; and the glenoid is seen almost tangentially Figure 37. Shoulder joint (posterior view). Scapula adduction so that anterior and posterior margins of the glenoid are superimposed and the cartilage (joint) space between the scapula and head of the humerus is clearly defined Figure 36.

Tuberosity of radius 6. Olecranon Figure 60. Same elbow as in Figure 59 with slight medial rotation of the humerus (lateral view) 50 The Upper Limb Intercarpal joints Intercarpal joint movements accompany movements at the wrist joint (Figures 82 and 83). In ulnar deviation of the hand the hamate and capitate bones shde in a radial direction in the concavity formed by the lunate and scaphoid bones; in abduction they shde in an ulnar direction. In flexion and extension the distal bones rotate round a transverse axis with reference t o the lunate and scaphoid (see lateral x-ray views of the cdnpus—Figures 84 and 85).

The radio-carpal and intercarpal joint spaces are clearly defined, but the distal radio-ulnar joint space is usually obscured by overlapping bone. 1. 2. 3. 4. i 1 1 5. 6. 7. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ m Γ j ^ ^ ^' ^ 8. 9. 10. Distal digital crease Middle digital crease Proximal digital crease Distal transverse crease of palm Proximal transverse crease of palm Middle palmar crease Longitudinal palmar crease Distal crease of wrist Proximal crease of wrist Middle crease of wrist Figure 76. Photograph and radiograph superimposed to show the relations of the creases of the hand to the bones and joints.

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