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Timing is always important. Dry wood is an agreeable will readily ignite, even if the fire has been neglected. Bu woods require that the stove be fed before the heat is 40 needed. How long before depends on how long it takes the w to reach its kindling temperature, which in turn depends upo moisture and pitch content, physical size and hardness. By w compensation, wood that is hard to get started is usually ea control by shutting the draft; there is little risk of ruining your f adding such fuel before it is needed.

GLOVES. I keep a heavy leather gauntlet-type welder’s near my stove at all times for dealing with an especially hot fir also useful for handling wood that is dripping sticky pitch I A trivet is an indispensable part of wo cookery. Anything that will keep the cooking pot from contact with the hot stove top will do; for example, the li No. 10 can, with tabs bent down around the edges (Figure TRIVET. 1 -A trivet is an sable part of wood-stove This one was made from metal. A pinya-or more stiffly, door closur has a usefulness far exceeding its humble appearance.

2). 2-A prime half-dry white spruce. Note the dead growing tip many dead branches. This tree would yield excellent firewood. green and dry wood. If it is laid on a good bed of coals and the is opened, it takes right off. If the draft is closed, the wood lies for a long time, absorbing heat and drying out; the stove mark while the wood soaks up heat. Thus, half-dry spruce can be either for instant heat or as a holding wood. Punky spruce is wood that has begun to decay before th dies. Rot begins in the center of the trunk near the bottom, works its way upward and outward toward the bark.

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