By Ann Wigmore

The inspiring actual tale of 1 woman's struggle opposed to nutritional lack of knowledge, illness and global starvation

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We had had an early supper, and then my grandmother, carrying a bundle, led me to the little knoll by the well where we seated ourselves on the grass. The rays of the setting sun illuminated her soft hair. She spoke in her low, rich voice, going over in detail the discouragements of the past months and my conclusion that all was lost as far as America was concerned. She praised the resolution I had exhibited in continuing my hard work, praise I did not at all feel I deserved, as I had labored dumbly—without thought, almost too stunned to know what I was doing.

As I went down their wolfish cries of triumph rang out. But their anticipated victory did not materialize. I heard the shriek of Lady Albino, who had been startled from her regular siesta, blended with the frustrated curses and cries as my two pursuers, blinded and suffocating, fought vainly against the ill-smelling mist which enveloped them. Later, peeking cautiously from my hiding place in the thorn bushes, I saw that the ruffians were no longer interested in me. They had shed their clothing and with earth were trying to rub the obnoxious perfume from their hands and bodies.

In fair or foul weather, the routine never varied. Arriving at the door, Margaret would take the lead and we would all dodge inside. The door closed with a bang and we would experience difficulty in breathing the hot air. The sand was too warm for our feet so we would range ourselves along the wall on the boards and feel for the tubs full of water we knew were there. In silence, one after another, we would slip into our tub. Here again, Margaret would take command and armed with a heavy, stiff brush, she would go over the body of the one in the tub while we waited in the sultry atmosphere for this first ritual to come to an end.

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