By William L. Pierce

Initially released as a sequence in his newspaper and journal, this booklet is the ultimate paintings of 1 of the main well-known leaders of the White nationalist circulate in the US. beginning with the evolutionary starting place of the White race, this e-book makes a speciality of the the Classical Grecian and Roman civilizations, the White international locations of the center East, the increase of the Germanic powers, the Vikings, Christianity, Nazi Germany, global warfare Ii and the racial concern dealing with the West at the present time. It comprises, regularly for the writer, a hugely serious appraisal of Jewish impression in Europe, and ends with an offer of ways the essence of the west may be kept. The ebook includes the total textual content and just about all the illustrations which observed the unique. It has additionally been absolutely listed.

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But what is already certain is that many cultural innovations which had formerly been attributed to the Middle East actually were European in origin. Neolithic Revolution There can be little doubt, however, that the Neolithic revolution began in the Middle East. At the time when the first cereal grains were being cultivated in the Middle East more than 10,000 years ago, the climate in Europe was wholly unsuitable for farming. By about 9,000 years ago, however, farming had spread to eastern Greece.

He took possession of lands far and wide in Saxland and set his sons to defend these lands. Then he journeyed north to the (Baltic) sea and fixed his abode on an island. " Besides Snorri's tendency to switch the roles of gods and men back and forth, there are other defects in his account. The most serious of these is his chronological sequence of events. Before the migration into Europe even starts, Snorri has already brought about the reconciliation and union of Aesir and Vanir, of Nordic and Mediterranean religions, something which could not have happened until the conquest of the Neolithic-Mediterranean peoples by the Nordics had already taken place.

They differed primarily in being somewhat more gracile (less rugged and angular in bony structure) and in having somewhat smaller heads and narrower faces and jaws. Others, whose genetic contacts were less with Europe and more with the Middle East and Africa, differed substantially from the Cro-Magnons. , in northeast Africa) and more gracile than the Cro-Magnons, pedomorphic, and -- judging from their descendants -- dark. Their heads were smaller and their facial structure quite different -- so different, in fact, that they should not be classified as White.

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