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Actual stories (or so it was once claimed) of subterranean trips * King Herla within the cavern of the dwarfs * Enkidu and his descent into Sheol * Orpheus and Aeneas in Hades * Sir Owen in Purgatory * Cuchulain in Tir-nan-Og * Reuben and the mikvah stairway * Reverend Kirk and his abduction * Richard Shaver and the Deros * Saint-Yves d'Alveydre in Agharta * Thomas the Rhymer in Fairyland * Olaf Jansen and the polar establishing * Apollonius of Tyana within the homestead of the clever males * Lobsang Rampa underneath the Himalayas * Doreal and the mysteries of Mount Shasta * man Ballard and the Ascended Masters * Captain Seaborn and his voyage to Symzonia * Walter Siegmeister and the Atlantean tunnels * Dianne Robbins and the Library of Porthologos And different viewers to the hidden depths of the earth.

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He did, however, retain a portion—to finance the travels upon which he was soon to embark. There followed years of teaching throughout Asia Minor. And then he decided to journey to India. For like Pythagoras before him, he wished to visit the legendary Abode of * Permitted, however, were movements of the hand, eye, or head. Apollonius is said to have quelled a grain riot in the nearby town of Aspendus, using only gestures and a writing tablet. * Apollonius began his journey in Antioch, accompanied by two servants.

One morning Elidore stole the ball. He hid it in his shirt, slipped out of the palace, and returned to the surface via the passageway. Unbeknownst to Elidore, the two little men were following close behind him. Arriving at his house, Elidore stumbled on the doorstep and dropped the ball. The little men grabbed it and sped off. As they did so, they spit at Elidore and denounced him for his greed and treachery. Ashamed of his deed, Elidore rebuked his mother for having suggested it. He ran after the little men; but they had vanished.

Historian Edward Gibbon) We should deem it impertinent to direct argument against a mere romance and to subject a work of imagination to a grave discussion. (Cardinal Newman)       It would not surprise if, in the feverish religious atmosphere of the Severan court, Philostratus had turned a remarkable but not exceptional Pythagorean teacher of the first century into a holy man for a new age. (Translator Christopher Jones) But let G. R. S. Mead—Theosophist and secretary to Madame Blavatsky—have the final word: Was Apollonius, then, a rogue, a trickster, a charlatan, a fanatic, a misguided enthusiast, or a philosopher, a reformer, a conscious worker, a true initiate, one of the earth’s great ones?

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