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T h e s e workers also reported that the L H content in the adult males is usually lower than that in the adult female rats. W e observed m o r e F S H cells and less L H cells in adult male rats than in females, w h i c h correlates well with the results of these workers. Barnes (1962b) and Herlant (1964) described changes in pituitary cells during the estrous cycles of mice and moles respectively and reported that F S H cells degranulate before L H cells. In o u r study the cell type that was abundant in the male was tentatively identified as the FSH g o n a d o t r o p e .

Fand, S. , and T h o r e l l , Β. (1962). Spectrophotometry of the periodic acid-Schiff reaction with pituitary hormones in vitro and in histological sections. / . Cell Biol. 13, 239. Farquhar, M . , and Furth, J. (1959). Electron microscopy of experimental tumors. Amer. /. Pathol. Farquhar, the anterior pituitary gland following thyroidectomy: A n electron microscopic study. Endocri- nology M . , and pituitary 3 5 , 698. Rinehart, J. F. (1954). Cytologic alterations in 5 5 , 857. Feltkamp, C .

T h e granule diameter ranges from 75-200 ταμ with a mean of 126 πιμ. T h e r e are also large amorphous bodies throughout the cells which are u n i q u e to the F S H cell (Figure 4 . 1 ) . T h e s e o p a q u e bodies are n o t always seen in F S H cells (Fig. 4 . 3 ) . T h e y have been observed by others (Cardell, 1961; Farquhar and Rinehart, 1954; Kurosumi and Oota, 1968). 2 μ in diameter and can be seen b e i n g formed along with the granules in the G o l g i c o m p l e x (Fig. 4 . 4 ) .

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