By Robert X. Perez

Process machines are serious to the profitability of processes.  secure, effective and trustworthy machines are required to take care of liable production strategies which can create saleable, on-spec product on time, and on the wanted construction rate.   because the wards of approach equipment, we want to continue our gear in serviceable condition.

One of the main demanding points of a equipment specialist or operator’s task is finding out even if an working computer might be close down as a result of a perceived challenge or be allowed to maintain working. If she or he wrongly recommends a fix be carried out, the remainder beneficial computing device lifestyles is wasted, but when she or he is correct, they could store the association from critical effects, resembling product releases, fires, expensive secondary computer harm, and so forth. This fiscal balancing act is on the center of all equipment assessments.

Troubleshooting is an element technology and half art.  easy troubleshooting tables or choice bushes are infrequently potent in fixing advanced, real-world laptop problems.  for that reason, the authors are looking to supply a singular solution to assault equipment matters that could adversely have an effect on the reliability and potency of your plant processes.  The method provided during this booklet isn't a inflexible “cook ebook” technique yet really a versatile and dynamic strategy geared toward exploring strategy plant machines holistically, so as discover the real nature the matter at hand.

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Periodic inspection can detect early symptoms of machine problems. These symptoms may include, high vibration, increasing temperatures, loss of flow, unusual noises, pressure pulsations, etc. 1 Common Failure Modes Regardless of the lengths we go to purchase reliable designs, install, monitor, and repair them properly, and maintain proven procedures, machines will still fail in a variety of ways. Some failure modes are common, similar to medical conditions such as the common cold, while other failure modes are rarely encountered.

We hope those reading and using this guide will fully utilize the ideas and concepts presented to minimize maintenance cost and risk levels associated with machinery ownership. Robert X. Perez and Andy P. Conkey Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank the following individuals for their help in reviewing this book and improving its contents with many useful suggestions. This book would not have been possible without their contributions, inspiration and support: Ken Atkins, Engineering Dynamics David Lawhon, Shell Oil Julian LeBleu, Machinery Consultant Carol Conkey, Copy Editor Chapter 1 Troubleshooting for Fun and Profit Process machines are critical to the profitability of processes.

Another way to think of this is that an action occurred that resulted in a change. ” Note, in the discussion, the term symptom and effect may both be used. When the term symptom is seen, effect is implied, unless otherwise stated. Finally, it should be noted that the arrow is also a way of defining points in time. A machine expert knows from experience that a given machine event will subsequently lead to a related machine effect. History has shown that there is a set of known cause and effect relationships for various machine classes.

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