By Ron Palgrave

Pumps are effective until eventually they malfunction or holiday down. while that occurs, the 1st precedence is to get the pump functioning back and to maintain ''down time'' to a minimal. Many difficulties might be clinically determined and rectified utilizing a mixture of information and event, the latter coming over the years. This ebook, written through an skilled engineer, courses the reader via diagnostic pathways resulting in logical reasons for the malfunctions and their correction.

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The effects of this can be serious. 22 Incorrect installation of pipe reducers on suction and discharge of axially split case pump. This arrangement encourages air to be trapped in the pipe high spots. 24 Suction line should constantly rise towards the pump and high spots should be avoided homoginiscd mixture, or as discrete slugs of gas in the liquid. Generally slugs are more serious. There is rarely enough time for them to disperse inside the impeller, so they create mass unbalance effects. This probably has more effect on the mechanical seal, than on the bearings, though both are affected.

I............ :: ................... i..... - Pipe System Basics Equation 4 frictionhead + totalhead = Frictionratio Clearly, a range of possibilities ratios can exist can exist. 666 at the design flow of 1500 m3/hr. The static head is the 'lift' on the discharge side plus the 'lift' on the suction side. In the above example, the suction lift was zero. 5. 5 Static head measurement On the discharge side, the lift is the physical height of the liquid surface above the pump centreline.

System curves changes have already been mentioned. 9 Accidentally, they may change due to o Fouling, o Blockages. 9 Deliberate changes would be o The use of control valves to modify the curve and hence manipulate the flow. ] In a stroke of irony, pumps arc often tested against acceptance standards that only permit performance deviations of a few percent. Yet, the associated system curve is rarely if ever known with anything like the same precision. This amplifies the point mentioned earlier. In fact, system curves are frequently in error by more than 10%, as we shall see later.

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