By Leonid A. Sosnovskiy, R.S. Sosnovskaya, K.V. Frolov, N.A. Makhutov

Fatigue and put on are the main harmful phenomena affecting machines in view that they lead to a few ninety% of breakdowns. This educational booklet systematically develops a unified assessment, named tribo-fatigue, which goals to handle the advanced wear-fatigue damages. Tribo-fatigue synthesizes features of 3 disciplines: mechanical fatigue, tribology, and reliability of mechanical platforms. Tribo-fatigue opens new views for expanding the sturdiness of machines in response to an important standards in their serviceability. certain harm dimension and wear-fatigue assessments that let engineers to layout harder and trustworthy structures are constructed. The publication is meant for complex scholars, researchers and engineers.

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33) have been validated experimentally. Thus, the fatigue curve (cf. Fig. 16) serves to determine experimentally all basic characteristics of resistance of the material to alternating loads, including the fatigue limit as the most essential characteristic . At the same time Eq. 34) According to this formula , durability is inversely proportional to cyclic stress (to the power of rna), meanwhile, if a = a_I. e. it is assumed that fatigue fracture will not occur). 2 Mechanisms of fatigue of metals The mechanisms of damage accumulation and fracture in different regions of the full fatigue curve differ substantially .

30, a) separates the region of quasibrittle from the region of elastoplastic fracture. 47). 49). The diagram shown in Fig. 30, a as the OCS curve is plotted based on an assumption that load Q (cf. Fig. 28) remains nominal at the stage of full rupture of the specimen . It is called the D-diagram because its shape resembles D (with the account of the ordinate). 40 1 VOLUME FRACTURE AND SURFACE DAMAGE If it is re-plotted with the allowance for the real (true) value of load in the course of rupture, a Q-diagram is obtained (OCtSlline in Fig.

If the structure of the tested material is not subjected to deformation age ing, a horizontal portion appears on the fatigue curve corresponding to the (physical) fatigue limit (PFL, see the dotted line in Fig. 15). The mechanical hysteresis loop in region IV degenerates : the relation cr-E becomes practically proportional, though some peculiarities are possible (secondary loops) in the beginning and at the end of one loading cycle. Fracture is due to nanoplasticity and has, as a rule, brittle nature; the durability exceeds 107 cycles.

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