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When it was all over, we were taken out of Lebanon and sent back to the training base. I was made a platoon leader. It was very peculiar feeling to return to the induction base, this time as an officer in red boots, with the Lebanon war insignia on my chest. To be surrounded by all these fresh recruits! How amusing to hear their complaints about the easiest tasks! It was my turn to select the recruits I wanted. I picked my sergeant as well, he was a good friend of mine, and had also been in the war.

I kept trying to get out. On one of my attempts, I went for an interview with the chief military physician, and convinced him that my hearing handicap would be of no consequences in the role of military medic. He was willing to give me a document testifying to this effect, and with this letter I went back to the Gadna command. Still they objected to releasing me. Finally we agreed that I would serve an additional nine months as a youth leader, and at the end of this period I would be permitted to go to the medics' course.

My philosophy was to be strict and make many demands at the beginning, so that I could enjoy the results later on. I wanted to instill my soldiers with self-discipline, so that they would carry out their duties without constant supervision. As training advanced, I had more and more work. When they started learning to shoot, I was terribly worried about their safety and taking the right precautions. As is often the case, we did have one firing accident, and I myself was injured. It was the result of a startle reaction of one of my men, who accidently shot me in the leg.

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