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В книге рассматривается научно-техническая информации об основных продуктах питания в мире растений и их кулинарное использование

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Beans, seeds, and nuts often are rich in proteins. However, most plant foods are deficient in certain amino acids, notably tryptophan, methionine, lysine, and (or) threonine. Vegetarians require a carefully balanced diet in order to achieve adequate protein nutrition. Most people eat more protein that the body needs. Adult women only require about 50 g (less than 2 ounces) daily while adult men need about 65 g. This is supplied by any one of the following: about 250 g (9 ounces) of beef, chicken, or fish; 9 large eggs; 3 cups of cooked lentils or peas; or 120 g (4 ounces) of almonds (but keep in mind that plants tend not to have complete protein).

Elder flowers, violet flowers). Natural components of plants, when consumed in normal amounts, almost certainly act as health promoters, although the mechanisms are not well understood. It appears, for example, that such natural food components as vitamin C, vitamin A and its precursors, vitamin E, selenium, fiber, purines, and glutathione act as “anticarcinogens,” counteracting the effect of some cancer-promoting chemicals. There are hundreds of natural plant chemicals, such as carotenoids, flavonoids, isoflavones, and protease inhibitors, which are thought to protect against chronic health conditions.

Needle-like crystals of calcium oxalate in taro produce a stinging sensation on the skin when the plant is handled, but many taro farmers seem to gradually lose sensitivity to the irritant. Much more serious for many, however, is an inborn or acquired intolerance of certain foods, which usually can not be overcome by becoming habituated to them. Indeed, frequently foods that 23 Human Nutrition in Relation to Plant Foods some people can enjoy with immunity are potentially deadly for others. For virtually every plant, there are individuals who will develop allergic reactions from consumption and even from just physical contact.

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