By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Un libro que recoge el trascendental y emblemático discurso que dio los angeles autora en su TEDx speak sobre lo que significa ser feminista en el siglo XXI.

Ser feminista no es solo cosa de mujeres. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie lo demuestra en este elocuente y perspicaz texto, en el que nos brinda una definición singular de lo que significa ser feminista en el siglo XXI. Con un estilo claro y directo, y sin dejar de lado el humor, esta carismática autora explora el papel de los angeles mujer real y apunta rules para hacer de este mundo un lugar más justo.

«Hoy me gustaría pedir que empecemos a soñar con un plan para un mundo distinto. Un mundo más justo. Un mundo de hombres y mujeres más felices y más honestos consigo mismos. Y esta es los angeles forma de empezar: tenemos que criar a nuestras hijas de otra forma. Y también a nuestros hijos.»

La crítica ha dicho...

«Un ensayo conmovedor que debería llegar a todos los estudiantes y profesores para provocar un nuevo debate y concienciar a los más jóvenes y no tan jóvenes.»
Kirkus Review

«Adichie [tiene] virtuosismo, empatía sin límites y una punzante agudeza social.»
Dave Eggers

«He aquí una nueva escritora dotada con los angeles habilidad de los antiguos contadores de historias.»
Chinua Achebe

«Una escritora que tiene mucho que decir.»
The Times

«Adichie está dando forma a l. a. historia de su país. Es afortunada, y nosotros, sus lectores, lo somos aún más.»
Edmund White

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The idea of gender offered a way out of the difficult situation in which such men would otherwise be seen as sexually motivated by a ‘paraphilia’ to crossdress or change sex. The association with sexuality created problems for their access to treatment, and to the seriousness with which they were regarded in the public world. The idea of a ‘gender’ mistake, in which they mysteriously incorporated a ‘feminine essence’, washed them clean of sleaze and enabled them to constitute themselves as a confident rights-bearing minority who were just born different.

She says that it is ‘important’ to ‘underscore the agency of transsexual subjects insofar as they forced the medical profession to respond to their demands’ (Hausman, 1995: 110). Hausman sees the alliance of transgenders with doctors as the defining element in the construction of transgenderism. ). It recognised their desires as a form of mental illness caused by being possessed of an anomalous, but essential, ‘gender’. The identity of transgenders, therefore, depended on the medical profession, and it was their demand for surgery that distinguished them from the other categories of sexual deviance that sexologists were involved in diagnosing and regulating, such as homosexuality.

These ideas were too radical for the 1990s, which were not daring times politically. In that much less revolutionary decade, individual bodies were challenged rather than the body politic, such that body modification, branding, cutting and tattooing came to be seen as progressive practices (Jeffreys, 2000). Queer politics coincided with the marketisation of many areas of life, including sex, and the queer consumer was born. More and more sex industry practices were incorporated into lesbian and gay social life, such as drag shows and strip shows.

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