By David F. Pelly

David Pelly tells the Thelon's tale, exploring the secret of Man's courting with this exact position within the center of Canada's gigantic Arctic barrenlands. From Thanadelthur and Telaruk to J.W. Tyrrell, John Hornby and Eric Morse, the heritage is exact, entire and fascinating. The Thelon is the environment for a compelling Canadian experience story -- with all its drama, intrigue, pleasure and tragedy. however the author is going past that to think about the importance of the Thelon desert, and to envision its doubtful future."It is the richness of human adventure, layered on best of the usual splendour of the river valley and its flora and fauna, that truly units the Thelon aside. where has a historical past, either local and non-Native, which provides it status past the intrinsic worth of desolate tract itself."David Pelly writes as one that has been there again and again. He is familiar with the Thelon from own adventure. As a contract author for two decades, he has travelled many elements of the Arctic, yet claims that "nowhere attracts me again extra powerfully than the Thelon."

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All night the cold rain came down in torrents, so that I was perfectly saturated with it. As the morning dawned conditions were not improved, for the rain had changed to snow and clothed the landscape in her chilling garment of white. " It was now August 22, and Tyrrell found himself retracing his steps back up a long peninsula and working his way slowly around a large lake. Through all this, despite the conditions and his own miserable state, he somehow managed to keep a careful and detailed account of the land, and produce sketches from which he could ultimately draw the first official maps of this territory with remarkable accuracy.

It seemed that there could be no great difficulty in doing so, for the distance in a straight line I knew [from his own surveying] to be only about eighty miles; the season was still early and there were now plenty of deer roving over the country. Thus viewing the problem, I sent my men back with the canoe and its contents, and having selected my necessary outfit for the tramp, bundled it up into a neat pack of about fifty pounds and started off. It did not feel heavy at first, and the weather being fine I made fair progress, but as the day wore on, my pack became burdensome and by evening I was quite ready to lay it down and creep into my sleeping bag.

The dogs' work was finished; those that had survived were sent back to Fort Resolution. Henceforth, the party advanced strictly under its own power, at first pulling the sleds over candled ice, and then by canoe. Map drawn by Pierre Ft. Smith, May 31st, 1900, with notations added byJW Tyrrell By June 18 there was enough open water to allow their advance up Artillery Lake, and they retraced David Hanbury's route in reverse, though there is no evidence to suggest that they had any mapped information from him.

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