By Dr Dave Samuel, Zaiglin Robert

In The Whitetale virtue - figuring out Deer habit for searching Success, the 2 best deer biologists within the nation clarify tips to turn into a greater hunter by means of taking uncomplicated technology of deer biology and behaviour and pertaining to it to hunters in a manner that may aid them in attaining better luck and delight from looking whitetail.

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We don’t know, but the science certainly leads one to think that it is a distinct possibility. Atsko makes Sport-Wash laundry detergent and UV-Killer Spray to keep clothes UV-brightener free. These products definitely reduce UV glow. Should you use them? That isn’t our call, but why not? Why take the chance? A great advantage deer have comes from the added number of rods they have in the retina. These allow them to see very well in low light. The ability to see in low light is accentuated because they have a tapetum lucidum located behind the retina.

Hunters were concerned that wearing the bright orange would make them as visible to deer as it did to other hunters. For years we believed that deer simply saw everything as black or white, because anatomists studying the eye of deer found lots of rods. Now we know better. Today, researchers believe that deer can see color, though not as we do. Research done by Drs. Karl Miller and Gino D’Angelo at the University of Georgia, in cooperation with scientists at the University of California Santa Barbara, showed that deer do have lots of rods, but they also have some cones in their retina that provide the ability to perceive some color.

Dave Samuel I’ve spent my life hunting and studying wildlife. For 30 years I was a wildlife professor at West Virginia University. While there my graduate students conducted a number of research projects involving white-tailed deer, but my love for whitetails started long before my professorial career. I’ve been fascinated with them since I was a kid, in fact I vividly remember my first day hunting (age 12) and seeing that first deer up close and personal. My twin brother and I went on our first hunt (squirrels) with my father on State Game Lands near Rainsburg, Pennsylvania.

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