By Steven Berglas

"According to Dr. Steven Berglas, luck is the final word self-fulfillment and may be a pleasing and enriching adventure. yet for plenty of luck is a two-edged sword, a burden in addition to a blessing"

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9 > A more recent cover story of theirs, which described the ways in which Americans are currently pursuing happiness, included a section entitled, "Thirst for Success. 'i(lO) According to one expert who feels that the 60-hour workweek is now commonplace among top executives, "The drive for success is back in style again. "<11 > This executive recruiter goes on to note that the busy people he' s familiar with derive great satisfaction from their long hours on the job: 12 CHAPTERONE "It' s the thrill of the chase, keeping the score card, the feeling of having influence and power and being able to guide those under them .

We have examined the defining features of success and found that it implies, first and foremost, a nurober 1 or superior ranking within a circumscribed universe. In 34 CHAPTER TWO America, success is most often linked to material rewards. This definition is qualified by an understanding that rankings and rewards that do not elevate an individual to a high social standing of status and prestige do not qualify him as a true success. Another extremely important qualification to our definition of success involves the extent to'which an individual is aided versus impeded by external forces in his quest for success.

2: "Innate" Personality Theories Govern Dur fudgments of Others. Whereas the "Golden Rule" advocates that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us, rules of person perception have proven that what we do unto others depends upon how these others are categorized in our mental coding systems. This is most dearly visible with respect to racist behaviors stemming from categorizing a dass of people as ''bad" or hated. When a person is characterized as "warm" for example, we expect that interactions with him will be favorable, and thus treat him accordingly.

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