By Karin G. Labitzke, Harry van Loon

This booklet is meant not just for meteorologists but additionally for scientists in different fields, for academics, and for lay people who don't want to acquaint themselves with its issues via a tutorial textbook. as well as portray an image of the stratosphere, we wish to exhibit how the method of an figuring out of Nature's complicated constitution of inform is alongside; winding, unforeseen paths. initially of the 20 th century observations have been amassing that have been necessary to realizing weather and its variability. yet they can no longer be handled systematically simply because vital hyperlinks have been lacking. between them the belief that there's a stratosphere or an ozone layer. whilst, even if, one reads the medical papers from the flip of the century and judges them at the foundation of our current wisdom --which llndoubtedlr continues to be incomplete - one needs to recognize the early employees during this box for the care and mind's eye with which they approached the topic. The discoveries we describe during this booklet were very important to the growth of meteorology; and it truly is apposite right here to cite Kuhn (1962) at the direction technological know-how typically takes after a discovery.

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The ascents were not made in Schirati itself but - on the advice of the Sultan - on a headland exposed to the lake winds about a day's walk from the town. Dr. Elias and 20 African porters left for the new location on September 24 ..... they arrived at Omuru on September 26 after a few detours. The tents were pitched right next to the fortified village, the Boma, and the pilot balloon ascents began on the 27th ..... many reached quite high elevations. In the beginning we worried about how the inhabitants in the interior of Africa would react to our experiments.

Lsphere had to take second place. 1 The discovery of the Berson westerlies above the equator This is how Dubois and Assmann described the discovery: A. Berson. the most sllccessful worker in the field of scientific fiights, had already in March of 1900 outlined and planned an aerological expedition to the tropical oceans and continents. with th(' advice of Professors Assmann and von Bezold. Dut extensin' attempts to acquire the necessary funding and a suitable ship remained unsuccessful until 1908.

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