By Keith Mason

Radionics is a vital type of power drugs. it really is powerful diagnostic instrument and intensely strong theraputically, delivering profound advancements in health. such a lot terribly, radionics can result in therapeutic from a distance. This e-book offers a entire creation to each element of the treatment by means of the UK's prime radionics practitioner, Keith Mason. you can find: *How radionics tunes into the body's personal strength structures *How radionics measures the power on your chakras, auras and meridians *How radionics can diagnose and deal with more than a few health problems *How to decide on a practitioner and what to anticipate from a standard consultation *Detailed case histories *How radionics can heal from a distance

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But, in that case, how can cells specialise ? How do they know when to repair bone , when to coagulate b l ood, and when to send immune cells to the site of a wound ? And how do the bil lions of cells that all magically evolved from one fertilised egg mystically know how to create the human form and become muscle cells or blood cells or any other type of cel l s ? Qu estions such a s these perhaps explain why there is today a groundswell of opinion among many biologists , scientists and doctors that mole­ cular biology has reached its l imits.

Hair is often found on bodies mummified thousands of years ago . And I have hair samples from patients submitted to me for analysis some thirty years ago , from which I can complete assessments on their present state of health if requested . This last statement probably raises one of those common questions in your mind: how can an old sample relate to a patient' s current health statu s ? This is the most profound and interesting p art of radionic philosophy that enables practitioners to glean information from the sample for assessment of health and in turn can use the sample to transmit healing energies to the patient irrespective of the age of the sample used.

This blood or hair sample was placed in a metal phial with the circuit wires attached. The known rates for a disease (see page 2 5 ) were then dialled up and set o n the instrument. 26 The H i story of R a d i o n ics To assess the reaction, Ruth D rown invented a measuring device in the form of a rubber diaphragm covering a metal detector plate in the circuit. I f the response was positive, she obtained a 'sticking' sensation when she rubbed her fingers over the rubber. If the disease was not present in the patient, there was no reaction.

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