By Mary V. Burns

A kaleidoscopic view of the northern water bird. local humans harvest them, scientists song their hobbies, artists painting them, hunter entice and stalk them, dairy farmers submit with them, and Canadian fiction author and playwright Burns herself prepares one for supper. She contains many black-a

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A clear sense of distrust emerges, with good reason. The problem is money. We can't buy it to save/ says the provincial government representative. 'It's too much land/ That's exactly why it should be saved/ someone in the audience argues back. The topic is urban encroachment, creeping citification, golf courses attracting housing developments whose occupants want shopping malls nearby, whose children need schools. And the reason the city of Vancouver is spilling outwards, onto land that once supported enormous numbers of wild creatures, is that people, like wildlife, find southwestern British Columbia congenial.

I wanted to concentrate on the geese that nest on Wrangel because these were the birds I personally saw each fall. Though as time goes by Fred Cooke's team has had and will continue to have more and more involvement with the Wrangel geese, there's been one person at the Canadian Wildlife Service whose preoccupation stretches back to 1987, the habitat biologist Sean Boyd, whose curiosity about snow g'eese grew out of his studies of the marshes on Westham Island. So here they were, the individuals I cast as scientific observers.

At the heart of the challenge in getting machines to perceive things lies a basic contradiction/ Bolles writes. 'Machines require standardized input, but we live in an unstandardized world/ Apparent proof that perception is subjective rather than objective came in the 19808 when colour vision theorists discovered that while the retina receives mechanical information - wavelengths, in this case - it does not compute a numerical wavelength but transmits a qualitative description to the brain. 'The nervous system's change from physical to 16 The Private Eye subjective descriptions of the input begins at the sensory receptors/ Bolles asserts.

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