By Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Osho's phrases at the self-discipline of meditation.

Meditation is an event, the best experience the human brain can adopt. Meditation is simply to be, no longer doing anything--no motion, no proposal, no emotion. you simply are and it's a sheer pride. From the place does this pride come while you are no longer doing something? It comes from nowhere, or it comes from in all places. it really is uncaused, simply because life is made from the stuff known as joy!

Meditation isn't an Indian procedure; it's not easily a strategy. you can't examine it. it's a progress: a development of your overall dwelling, from your overall residing. Meditation isn't really anything that may be further to you as you're. It can't be extra to you; it could possibly merely come to you thru a uncomplicated transformation, a mutation. it's a flowering, a progress. development is usually from the whole' it isn't an addition. similar to love, it can't be further to you.

It grows out of you, from your totality.

You needs to develop towards meditation.

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And the third step: feel that you have expanded into the whole sky. Now these clouds that are moving, and the moon and the stars – they are moving in you: you are huge, unlimited. This feeling will become your meditation, and you will feel completely relaxed and non-tense. 64 The Orange Book Meditation is neither a journey in space nor a journey in time, but an instantaneous awakening. This is the secret: de-automatize IF we can de-automatize our activities, then the whole life becomes a meditation.

Is not like Pranayam of yoga, where you start manipulating the breath; it is not that. You don’t touch the breach at all – you allow its naturalness, its natural flow. When it goes out you follow it, when it comes in you follow it. And soon you will become aware that there are two gaps. In those two gaps is the door. And in those two gaps you will understand, you will see, that breath itself is not life – maybe a food for life, just like other foods, but not life itself. Because when the breathing stops you are there, perfectly there – you are perfectly conscious, utterly conscious.

And these two skies are not two. They are __ 80 The Orange Book two only because you are, you are the dividing line. When you disappear the dividing line disappears, then in is out and out is in. The fragrance of a flower 81 able to smell the smell. Now smell the absence of where the fragrance was just a moment before. It is no longer there. That is the other part of its being – the absent part, the dark part. If you can smell the absence of the smell, if you can feel that it makes a difference, it makes a difference.

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