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He explains the seasonal total amount of ozone with zenith angle is large and variation qualitatively as a combination of several mainly in the wrong direction to explain the observa- factors: a) Above 30 km, the variation of zenith angle gives tions. As was noted in chapter II I, this general result does not depend on the specific assumptions in the a summer maximum, the variation of temperature calculation. The temperature effect on the photo- gives a winter maximum. The result is a net spring chemical reaction constant k 12/k 13 is far too small, and maxtmum.

For these other gases, the effect of the vertical divergence largely cancels that of the horizontal convergence, else the pressure at the tropopause would rise greatly. In the case of ozone, however, the horizontal convergence has a far more important effect and can lead to a large increase of ozone in a column of given cross-sectional area. Reed generalized his results with the New York University observations to explain all day-to-day changes. The trough and ridge system aloft associated with a surface cyclone is displaced westward.

There is no basis for deciding among the alternatives. The true explanation may combine features of all the alternatives and it may conceivably involve factors not yet suggested. In any case, there is no question that some sort of air motion must be called upon to explain the variations. 37 II and of the V-2 rocket show that irregularities in ozone distribution occur which Umkehr measurements have never disclosed. These irregularities are to be expected if ozone is not in equilibrium with the sun, and it is clear that Umkehr calculations cannot reveal them.

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