By Andrea Dworkin

A suite of brief tales.

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These two women explain their desire to become mothers after the age of thirty-five. ) Director: Guy; producers: Franc¸ ois Bouvier, Doris Girard, Monique Le´ tourneau, Michel Payette; co- .......................... ; scenario; Guy; photography: Re´ nald Bellemard; editing: Andre´ Corriveau; music; Yves Chamberland; sound; Michel Charron et al. Original Title Code: 106C 0290 182. Cast: Pauline Bernatchez, Roger DaSilva, Annick De Bellefeuille, Andre´ Dupuis, Pierre Godbout, et al. Synopsis: This long documentary presents the views of Que´ be´ cois who have succeeded in settling in the American metropolis.

C‫ס‬1 Lapointe, Esther Entre quatre murs (1981) Scenario: Marcel Cabay. Cast: Jean Brousse; Serge Christianssens, Franc¸ oise Faucher, Josiane Goffoy, Christian Saint-Denis, Johanne Seymour. L’Or du Temps (1985–1993)—Collaboration with several other directors. comϾ. Laure, Carole Multi-talented actress and singer Carole Laure has appeared in more than thirty films in Canada and abroad, including Gilles Carle’s La Mort du bucheron (1973), La Teˆ te de Normande Saint Onge (1976), and Fantastica (1979), and Lewis Furey’s Night Magic (1985).

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