By Viktor Suvorov

My lifestyles within the Soviet military the "Liberators' by means of Viktor Suvorov

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And finally, for someone who at present has not the slightest idea about how to set about shit-cleaning, like Comrade Yakubovskiy himself for instance, has he any personal interest at all in the arrival of that day, when he will have to clean up his own shit all by himself? So just think it over! ' 33 At this, he stopped dead in his tracks, thunderstruck by the very outrageousness of my question. ' 'But why not? You counter-revolutionary bastard, how have you managed to avoid the chop? ' And, with all my might, I heaved that very heavy hand barrow down on to the ground and a stinking golden mass spilled out over the blindingly white snow and over the granite pathway.

But, while this order was on its way from Moscow, our artilleryman had been put on a further charge purporting to emanate from the Deputy Commander of the Kiev Military District. And no one could do anything about it. But, even so, he had officially become an officer, and his place was in the officers' quarters which were separated from those of the common 40 herd by a high wall. So, we embraced like brothers, like two men who are very close and yet who are destined to part from each other for ever.

But we notice everything 'Five days . . each,' hissed the old hag. 'As for you, Fedor ... as for you . ' and, her face distorted by rage and without even finishing the sentence, she wrapped her fur coat more tightly around her and swept off in the direction of the fairy-tale small town. The lance-corporal's face twisted in a grimace and he turned towards our escort who, apparently, had not yet realised that he had accidentally dropped the all-powerful Fedor right in it. 'Take your rabble away then!

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