By Sabina Citron

An important to knowing the location within the center East is a grab of the character of the clash, in addition to its old roots. The Indictment exhibits how the Arab warfare opposed to Israel has taken form as an expertly waged propaganda battle, and the way latent anti-Semitism contributes to the world's popularity of thinly veiled lies. Drawing on documented occasions and information assets, Auschwitz-survivor Sabina Citron takes a fearless examine the roots of Christian anti-Semitism and the way it creates a receptive viewers for the Arab propaganda warfare on Israel.

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I did this morning, just listening to a speech by one of the Israeli leaders referring to the situation then and now. He said that then, we were dispersed and helpless; now we are in our own country again, our Jewish state, with an army to protect the state and its people… He continued in Hebrew, and I only caught the drift of what he was saying, but tears ran down my cheeks. There are some programs about the Holocaust on television. Two young people in their teens speak about their experiences attending the “March of the Living” to Auschwitz, Poland, a year earlier and what they drew from it.

Since 1973, the Arab oil states — OPEC — have openly exhibited their will to use oil as a weapon. The UN has simply accommodated itself to this new means of wielding power and coercion, carrying on as if nothing had happened. Even the press and other media after an initial shock reaction went on spouting the line of the cartel. The Arab oil states, instead of being condemned — or at least censured — were in fact supported by other oil- 25 26 THE INDICTMENT producing states including Canada, which saw a windfall profit for its own oil-producing industry.

Minister of this, minister of that. They began official contacts with foreign officials in Jerusalem at the “Orient House,” again in total defiance and violation of the accords, which stated that Jerusalem was 42 THE INDICTMENT to be off-limits to PA functionaries. Clearly, that was not the intention of the peace process, or the limited autonomy provisions. Various PA offices were functioning in Jerusalem illegally and some clandestinely, but apparently in full knowledge of all concerned, further establishing “facts on the ground,” bolstering the PLO’s claim to the city.

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