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Identity consultant masking the entire poultry species to have happened within the eu quarter. The species are lined by means of kin, with every one relatives advent by way of the correct color plates and species debts and for 625 species there are certain color maps in the textual content.

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Often gregarious. Wary. Typically walks sedately but can run very rapidly if pressed. Feeds mainly on seeds, roots and leaves; also flowers, insects and lizards. Nests on ground. SEX/AGE Sexes distinct. Adult male has bright red head/neck in breeding season. Post-breeding moult complete, probably taking place in spring/early summer. Juvenile resembles adult female, but tail and primaries concolorous with body, neck downier. Complete post-juvenile moult takes place at an age of 9–11 months. VOICE Often silent, but has wide range of calls, including hissing, snorting and booming sounds.

Larger grebes distinguished at distance from divers by shorter bodies with even more rounded sterns, longer and more slender necks, and, in flight, by white patches on upperwing. In adult summer plumage identification relatively easy, but in other plumages more difficult. Points to concentrate on are: Head and bill shape • Head and neck pattern • Bill colour and pattern PIED-BILLED GREBE Podilymbus podiceps L 31–38 cm, WS 56–64 cm. IDENTIFICATION Transatlantic vagrant. Stocky, medium-sized grebe with relatively large and chunky head, thick, stubby bill, stout neck and very blunt stern.

Chicks are prominently striped, a feature partly 36 GREBES persisting into juvenile plumage (especially on head/neck). Often quite gregarious outside breeding season, occurring in scattered concentrations. With exception of Little, generally silent outside breeding season. Feed mainly on fish and aquatic insects. In flight, relatively long neck is drooped below body level and large feet project beyond rear end of body. Flight is weak and fluttering over short distances, but quite strong when well underway.

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