By Jacqueline Smith

A part of the technology Dictionary sequence, this paintings positive aspects greater than 2,000 cross-referenced entries, observed through 50 black-and-white illustrations that provide easy-to-understand details on more than a few climate- and climate-related themes.

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Methane and Climate Change

Methane is a strong greenhouse fuel and is envisioned to be answerable for nearly one-fifth of synthetic international warming. consistent with kilogram, it is twenty-five occasions extra robust than carbon dioxide over a 100-year time horizon – and worldwide warming is probably going to augment methane free up from a couple of assets.

Tropical Deltas and Coastal Zones (Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture Series)

Tropical coastal deltas signify some of the most varied and quickly altering biophysical areas within the constructing international. those deltas are domestic to giant populated parts, are major centres of agricultural creation and commercial improvement, and include fragile ecosystems which are now dealing with new threats because of anticipated sea-level rises linked to worldwide warming.

Labor Erde: Bausteine fur einen lebensfreundlichen Planeten

Hard work Erde ist eine brillante Einführung in das Studium des Planeten Erde, von den kosmischen Ursprüngen ihrer Elemente bis hin zu der Beeinflussung der Atmosphäre durch die Menschheit und den klimatischen Änderungen, die uns bevorstehen. Das Buch ist ebenso eine Beschreibung der Prozesse, die zur Entwicklung der Erde beigetragen haben, wie eine Darstellung der artwork, in der Wissenschaftler denken und Probleme lösen.

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Ball clay A very plastic fine-textured gray or buff-colored clay that often contains some organic matter. Also called pipe clay, it is used to make ceramics. ball lightning A rare form of lightning that is not, as yet, adequately understood. Its very existence has been debated because most reported cases follow brilliant lightning flashes and so could be physiological in origin, an afterimage being produced in the eye. Reports of the lightning suggest a brilliant sphere with a diameter of 1 cm to 1 m, which can drift almost randomly at a few meters per second.

They probably arose from primitive archosaur reptiles (see Archaeopteryx) and most of their evolution is connected with adaptation for flight. The wings are formed from the whole forearm and three fused fingers (compare Pterosauria). They are warmblooded and have short tails, a large breast bone for the attachment of flight muscles, and light hollow bones. All modern birds are toothless but teeth were present in their Mesozoic ancestors. Because of the fragile nature of the skeleton, fossils are few.

Compare perihelion. antiperthite /an-tee-per-th’ÿt/ An intergrowth of orthoclase and albite feldspar in which the orthoclase occurs as patches in the albite host. See also exsolution; perthite. aphotic zone /ay-foh-tik/ Ocean depths below the maximum depth at which photosynthesis takes place because of lack of light, stretching from 200 m below sea level to the sea floor. See also disphotic zone; euphotic zone. antithetic fault A minor normal fault associated with a major fault but whose planes dip into the main fault plane.

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