By B. Barratt

Somatic psychology and bodymind remedy (the simultaneous research of the brain and body) are hard contemporary understandings of the psyche, of what it ability to be human and the way to heal human discomfort. This booklet discusses those components of study.

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And this mixture of emotions included yet more shame and guilt accompanying the idea that she must be a “bad person” to 40 The Emergence of Somatic Psychology and Bodymind Therapy have these pleasurable feelings about an incestuous act. On the other hand, the constriction of the throat area had a more specific symbolic significance. It reenacted the threefold anxieties of an eleven year girl. She had been fearful of the size of her brother’s penis, which instead of “holding still like a lollipop” occasionally thrust toward the back of her throat.

It also brought forth several episodes in which Lara had fellated his adolescent penis. What is more important to note here about the retrieval and reintegration of these memories (which were often confused as to whether the fellatio had been willingly volunteered, affectionately coerced, or both) is that the recollected content was invariably preceded or accompanied by vivid messages from her bodily experience. The messages had two aspects. On the one hand, they had a general implication. The constriction of the throat area communicated Lara’s conflict over the energetic surfacing of intense emotions and her ability to “speak out” about them.

The modern episteme is characterized by what might be called “analytico-referential reasoning,” as has been well discussed by Timothy Reiss and many other scholars (Reiss, 1982, 1988, 2002b). In the modern era, language’s rhetorical and logical function is assumed to guide reasoning such that the subject’s reiterative construction of representations allegedly comes to mirror accurately the structural organization of the world that is external to, or other than, the subject’s thinking. Subject and object function as each other’s other.

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