By Kais M Firro

Following the battle of 1948 Palestine's Druzes turned a part of the country of Israel. Overwhelmingly rural, they sought to shield their community's age-old ethnic independence via protecting directly to their conventional ethno-religious particularism. Ethnicity and ethnic matters, even though, have been prepared instruments for the Zionists within the pursuit in their coverage goals vis-a-vis the state's Arab inhabitants. important between those was once the cooptation of a part of the Druze elite in an noticeable attempt to alienate the Druzes from the opposite Arabs - growing "good" Arabs and "bad" Arabs served the Jewish country as a foil for its ongoing coverage of dispossession and keep watch over. the writer painstakingly records the political, social and monetary components that ensured the "success" of those Zionist rules, yet concludes that the fissured identification of Israel's Druzes at the present time bespeaks a sense of musiba, tragedy, in the neighborhood itself.

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N This fo rm al recogni tio n stun g the riva lin g Mu 'addi and Kh ayr clans into mo bilizing o ppositio n among th e Druze vi ll ages in th e Galilee and alo ng th e Carmel in order to have the Bri tish res tore th e statu s quo ante 1928. Eve n so, wh en th e British restri cted She ikh Salma n 's a ppointment again to "religious matte rs only," the rival families conside red this, still, as formal recognition of th e Tarifs' pa ramountcy whi ch th ey began to challenge ope nly-by 1930 the rivalry between the Tarifs and the Khayr was already bearing th e features of fa cti on alism a nd dividing the e ntire communi ty.

Born in 1888, he had fought in the Druze Revolt against the French in 1925-27, and in 1936 had led a group of thirty Druzes to join the Palestinians in their uprising. In 1941 he served as captain in the Druze Regiment the British had organized.

The report also accuses 'Adil Arslan of being be hind the rivalries between the Druze clans in Lebanon over the succession of sheikh al· 'aql. On the report, see also Gelber, ~ Dru ze and Jews," p. 231. IiII HA 105/ 195, Report, "Pressure on the Druzes," II November 1947. The report considers Mansur to be an innuential figure , in effect the leader of the Druze com muni ty in Palestine. 42 CHAPTER TWO since 19305 was that the Druze community in Palestine was too small and too poor to sUIvive any involvement in the conflict.

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