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S. 276. 262. 240. 234 figure 187 shows an unusual type of tumour cell probably originating in the lung, but the primary tumour was not ascertained with certainty. Carcinoma of the breast gave rise in three cases to free cells of the rounded and sometimes vacuolated type (Figs.

I t is not necessarily large, but it can balloon the cell to produce a signet-ring form (Figs. 4 0 , 4 4 ) . I t differs from the usual' 'hydropic" or degenerative vacuole in having a sharp condensed-looking border, especially in the part which overlies or abuts on the n u c l e u s . M o r e o v e r , hydropic vacuoles are seldom seen in association with cytoplasmic basophilia, while mucus-secreting cells are often rich in RNA. Occasionally mucous vacuoles contain a central body which, although without visible structure, stains purple with the Romanowsky stain and may be mistaken for a phagocytosed inclusion (Fig.

Further descriptions can now be added^^^. 40, 97, 41, 126 including one from pericardial fluid^^^ and it has become clear that these cells can loose themselves from the granuloma tissue and be found free in an effusion. In our series, they were certainly demonstrable in four cases (Figs. * Fig. 130 shows a particularly well-developed Sternberg-Reed cell in pleural fluid, one of a series kindly sent by Dr. C. Bottura of Sao Paulo. Although mesothelial cefls have sometimes been numerous, the usual picture is of absent mesothelial cells and a lymphocytic predominance.

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