By C. Ammen

Describes the sand foundry, the features of molding sand, the kinds of mildew and development making apparatus, and many of the sand casting tactics for forming metals.

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If Parting Line On our simplediscpattern of Fig. 5-1, we note the upper face of the pattern is designated as the parting line or parting face. By this we mean a line or the plane of a pattern correspondingto the point of separation between the cope and drag portions of a sand mold. The parting may be irregular or a plane, as the mold must be opened, the pattern removed and then closed for pouring without damage to the sand. The parting line must be located where this can be accomplished. The portion of the pattern in the cope must be drafted so the cope can be removed and the same of the drag.

There are many liquid b i d e r s made from starches, cereals and sugars. They are available under a countless number of trade names. A good binder will have the following properties; Strength Collapse rapidly when metal starts to shrink. Will not distort core during baking. Maintain strength during storage time. Absorb a minimum of moisture when in the mold or in storage. Withstand normal handling. Disperse properly and evenly throughout the sand mix. Should produce a mixture that can be easily formed.

4-9. Roll off hinge and guide. and closing. Some have single hole guides, some double hole guides. See Fig. 410. Steel flasks can be purchased in all sizes with any size cope and drag depth, or combination of different cope and drag depths and any type of pin and guide arrangement your heart desires. SNAP FLASK A snap flask is a flask, usually made of cherrywood, whereby after the mold is made the flask can be removed by opening the flask and lifting it off of the mold, leaving the mold as a block of sand on the bottom board.

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