Author note: Barbara Stoler Miller (Translator)

The Bhagavad-Gita has been a vital textual content of Hindu tradition in India because the time of its composition within the first century A.D.

One of the nice classics of worldwide literature, it has encouraged such varied thinkers as Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, and T.S. Eliot; such a lot lately, it shaped the middle of Peter Brook's celebrated construction of the Mahabharata.

About the Translator
Until her loss of life in 1993, Barbara Stoler Miller was once Samuel R. Mil- financial institution Professor of Asian and heart japanese Cultures at Barnard university, Columbia collage. a number one translator of Sanskrit liter- ature and good versed in Indian track and artwork, Dr. Miller edited and translated quite a few works of poetry and drama.

Her translations in- clude Love tune of the darkish Lord, a verse translation and learn of the medieval Indian spiritual erotic poem Gitagovinda, and Yoga: self-discipline of Freedom, a translation of the Yoga Sutra attributed to Patanjali. Dr. Miller studied philosophy as an undergraduate at Barnard university and held a doctorate in Sanskrit and Indic stories from the college of Pennsylvania. She taught at Barnard for twenty-five years.

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29 Others restricting their food offer breaths in vital breaths; all these understand sacrifice and in sacrifice exhaust their sins. 30 Men who eat remnants of sacrifice attain the timeless infinite spirit; what is this world or the next for a man without sacrifice, Arjuna? 31 Many forms of sacrifice expand toward the infinite spirit; know that the source of them all is action, and you will be free. qxd 4/1/04 7:29 AM Page 56 56 the fourth teaching Know it by humble submission, by asking questions, and by service; wise men who see reality will give you knowledge.

How would he speak? How would he sit? How would he move? 54 Lord Krishna When he gives up desires in his mind, is content with the self within himself, then he is said to be a man whose insight is sure, Arjuna. qxd 4/1/04 7:29 AM Page 40 40 the second teaching When suffering does not disturb his mind, when his craving for pleasures has vanished, when attraction, fear, and anger are gone, he is called a sage whose thought is sure. 56 When he shows no preference in fortune or misfortune and neither exults nor hates, his insight is sure.

It is unnatural in you! Banish this petty weakness from your heart. Rise to the fight, Arjuna! 3 Arjuna Krishna, how can I fight against Bhishma and Drona with arrows when they deserve my worship? qxd 4/1/04 7:29 AM Page 32 32 the second teaching It is better in this world to beg for scraps of food than to eat meals smeared with the blood of elders I killed at the height of their power while their goals were still desires. 5 We don’t know which weight is worse to bear— our conquering them or their conquering us.

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