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Victory for Us Is to See You Suffer: In the West Bank with the Palestinians and the Israelis

In the course of the moment Palestinian intifada, Philip C. Winslow labored within the West financial institution with the United international locations aid and Works corporation (UNRWA), using as much as six hundred miles every week among nearly each Palestinian city, village, and refugee camp and each Israeli checkpoint within the occupied territory. He again earlier than the onset of the 2006 struggle among Israel and Hizbollah in Lebanon.

Beyond Oslo, The Struggle for Palestine: Inside the Middle East Peace Process from Rabin's Death to Camp David

With new talks within the heart East Peace strategy approximately to start, the shadows of prior negotiations fall seriously throughout all concerned. during this robust and soaking up testimony, certainly one of best figures of the Oslo talks, former leading Minister Ahmed Qurie (‘Abu Ala’) takes us at the back of closed doorways and contained in the negotiating rooms of Wye River, Stockholm and Camp David, the place the phrases of peace and a Palestinian country have been sketched out, argued over, and finally misplaced.

Despair and Deliverance: Private Salvation in Contemporary Israel

E-book by means of Beit-Hallahmi, Benjamin

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Revelation 13:1, 5–8) The roles of the Kings of the North, South, and East in the End Times are drawn from the eleventh chapter of Daniel, which deals with the ultimate fate of an evil ruler (understood by fundamentalists to mean the Beast). The relevant passages predict: At the time of the end the king of the south shall attack him. [And]47 the king of the north will rush upon him like a whirlwind, with chariots and horsemen and many ships. . But reports from the east . . will alarm him, and he shall go out in great fury to bring ruin and complete destruction to many.

The dating is based in large part on the fact that the events which Daniel “foresaw” from the sixth century down through 167 had happened exactly as he described them, but did not happen as he described them from the middle of the period 167 to 164 onward. 51 Chapter 1: Biblical Criticism and the Rise of Fundamentalism 25 The thrust of the book is clear. God protects those who are faithful to Him, and He will triumph in the end. Jesus himself used parables to make a point, and few worry about whether the parables record actual events.

Scofield (1843–1921), the originator of the Scofield Study Bible. Scofield was raised an Episcopalian, served in the Confederate army, started life as an attorney, fell on hard times, and turned to premillennialism as a result of a conversion experience. He was not formally trained as a clergyman, but he served as a Congregationalist minister in Dallas, Texas, and Northfield, Massachusetts, and then as a Southern Presbyterian minister in New York. 72 Scofield’s major contribution was his Study Bible, first published in 1909 by Oxford University Press, revised and expanded in 1917, and further revised by others in 1967.

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