By Chris Smith

What began as a dating of infatuation becomes whatever much more sinister as a tender girl is pursued to the very fringe of her sanity. Even friends and family can not help her break out the stalker because it quickly turns into transparent that her tormentor is a serial stalker who can't cease causing worry and terror upon his sufferers.

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According to Rowan Haddock, there would be a warrant for Hopkins’ arrest. He’d be brought to the nearest police station and made to appear before the magistrate. Libby was also encouraged to call the police as soon as she saw him again. They had his home address at Cremorne and knew where he worked, so his apprehension was just a matter of time. Libby’s entry into the Australian justice system seemed simultaneously bland and bizarre. In spite of the warrant for his arrest, she couldn’t help but think that she was the only one taking Hopkins’ stalking seriously—that she was the only one watching her back.

Many of us could see it for the awful crime that it was. Thankfully others in the community were lobbying to have this insidious and often deadly behaviour recognised and outlawed. Australia’s first women’s refuge opened in 1972 in Glebe. Fully funded by the government, the Elsie Women’s Refuge ensured there was a safe haven for women and children who were victims of domestic violence. The Sydney Rape Crisis Centre also opened its doors, supporting victims of sexual assault regardless of whether they reported their victimisation to police or chose to remain silent.

She was standing only a metre away from the door and was tempted to walk away. But it had to be the police, the footsteps were too clear; there’d been no attempt to hide them. So she waited, her teeth chattering. But there was no knock at the door. She heard a key being inserted into the keyhole and watched in horror as the door handle twisted clockwise. ’ She sighed with relief. It was her father with two burly officers trailing after him into the hallway. ‘Ma’am,’ said the first, his cap under his arm.

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