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2. BAT file. BAT file. 2. BAT File Command Meaning @ECHO OFF Suppresses the display of the commands as they are processed. ) Part CLS Clears the screen. Ch PROMPT $P$G Alters the way the DOS prompt is displayed. The $P$G portion of the line causes the prompt to show the currently logged drive and path, followed by a greater-than sign (>). You can use the PROMPT command to turn the DOS prompt into anything you want it to be. To learn how to change the look of the command prompt, see “Changing the Command Prompt with PROMPT” in Chapter 11, p.

You learn how to set hardware interrupts and what the difference is between hardware and software interrupts. ■ Chapter 13, “Controlling Devices,” explains the DOS commands that control the behavior of logical DOS devices. By using these commands, you can control the way DOS sees your system’s drives and directories. You learn how to use your printer while doing other computer work, and you see how to use the DOS pipes and filters effectively. ■ Chapter 14, “Understanding the International Features of DOS,” steps you through the complicated, but sometimes necessary, configuration of a PC to various international language standards.

For more information about using upper memory blocks, see Chapter 19, “Configuring Your Computer,” p. 441. 2 specification. This specification was adopted before the Intel 80286 processor hit the market. EMS was an immediate hit, which in part accounts for the fact that few software companies even tried to exploit the enhanced memory addressing capabilities of the 80286 processor. Programs that needed more than 640KB memory could easily be modified to adhere to the EMS system, so there was no great push for DOS to use the chip’s protected mode, which could address up to 16MB of RAM.

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