By Evangeline Anderson

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Because the pair was turned away from Wren at an angle, he couldn’t see the look on the girl’s face. But her body language spoke of complete submission, complete despair. As the minister continued to slam into her, she kneeled lower, burying her head in her arms and holding her ass even higher in the air. Clearly she was only waiting for the entire experience to be over so she could leave and let the next master and slave take her place. The next master and slave…by the Light, that’s us ! Wren snapped out of the trance he’d fallen into watching the hapless slave girl getting rammed by the overenthusiastic Tiberion minister.

Somehow he managed to control the impulse to shiver at the repulsive, overly familiar touch. “He is indeed. I have had him for many years,” Haven said neutrally. Through their link, Wren felt a sudden surge of angry possessiveness, but his master kept his deep voice calm. “High-spirited too. ” H’rak cupped Wren’s chin and forced his head up so that they were eye to eye -or as close to it as they could be, considering that Wren was almost two feet shorter than the massive minister of war. Again, Wren had to force himself to control the shiver of disgust that wanted to run through him.

He lifted himself on his elbows and looked down at Haven, one golden brown eyebrow raised quizzically. ” Haven sighed and shook his head. ” Wren’s face grew slightly red, but the throbbing shaft still confined by the leather cock ring harness plainly proved that he didn’t find the idea at all off-putting. “I was thinking more along the lines of a kiss, Novice,” Haven said dryly, finally managing to get the stubborn, slippery buckle to budge. ” Wren sounded thoughtful. “I could get on my knees and kiss your cock, Master.

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