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Epidemiology of psychoses in Croatia (in press). 11. B. C. The epidemiology of schizophrenia in Papua New Guinea. Amer. J. Psychiat. 131, 567, 1974. 12. WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION. Report on an Exchange of Visits of Investigators. 5), 1975. Societal Determinants of Schizophrenic Behaviour EUGENE B. BRODY Schizophrenic Behavior This chapter is concerned with the ways of thinking, feeling and acting which, occurring together as a behavioral constellation, are usually labelled "schizophrenic", or as symptoms and signs of a disease called "schizophrenia".

In summary, there are many varieties of minority status, and the behavioral consequences of such status are determined by a multitude of social, historical, political, and economic, as well as individual psychological factors. Among these factors are the concomitant occurrence of low self-esteem and/or being discriminated against with low socio-economic level and cultural exclusion; the presence of a complex transplantable minority culture with transfer value for the dominant society; opportunities for meaningful reciprocal contact with emulative reference groups; the presence or absence of effective social power and self-determination; and the opportunity to grow up as a member of an intact family with a father who fills the instrumental leadership role.

This question recognizes that behavior, including that described as psychotic, is not solely a function of genetic programming or past 26 Eugene B. Brody personal history, but reflects a mode of participation in an ongoing social process (Stanton, 1949; Stanton and Schwartz, 1949, 1954; Caudill et al, 1952; Caudill, 1958). Behavior seemingly determined by a private or nonrational frame of reference and interpreted primarily as ego-defensive may upon examination prove to have adaptive, coping or communicative functions related to the context in which it occurs.

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