By Anh Duc Nguyen

Multi-channel estuaries, comparable to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and the Scheldt within the Netherlands, have features of either the river and the ocean, forming a different setting encouraged by way of tidal events of the ocean and freshwater circulate of the river. This learn addresses a few wisdom gaps in multi-channel estuaries through constructing a predictive analytical procedure for salinity intrusion and discharge estimate in multi-channel estuaries. the recent process concurs good with 1-D hydrodynamic versions and observations, indicating its applicability in perform. most significantly, the learn has effectively built a brand new idea and a brand new equation to quantify tidal pumping because of ebb-flood channel residual flow and the comparable salt dispersion.

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Moreover, it is hard to distinguish between lateral dispersion and advection in an estuary since the transverse transport of large scales such as secondary circulation cannot be described simply as a dispersion process. e. tide-driven and densitydriven circulation). The development of 2-D and 3-D hydrodynamic models, especially with the 3-D hydrodynamic models, can provide vital 3-D detailed data to investigate the mixing mechanisms in a “virtual laboratory”. The models, of course, have to be treated with care in order to reproduce the correct velocity field and salinity field.

E. the Mekong Delta and the Scheldt estuary, are multi-channel estuaries. 9, the Mekong Delta corresponds with the estuarine type number 5 and the Scheldt estuary can be classified in the estuarine type number 4. The classification of the study areas is important in order to understand the characteristics of the two systems before carrying out further studies. 2 that the two dominant drivers of an estuary are its tide and river discharge. Moreover, the shape of an estuary certainly defines its own characteristics.

The diffusion coefficient). 22) in which x (L) is the longitudinal axis. We now consider the conservation of mass in a one-dimensional transport process. In the following 1-D description, we shall remove the subscript x for reasons of simplicity. 24) ∂t ∂x ∂F ∂ ⎛ ∂s ⎞ ⎞ From Eq. 25) Combining this with Eq. 25 is called the advection-diffusion equation in a one-dimensional transport process for substances. If salt is the considered substance, then Eq. 25 is called the salt balance equation. 4 Salt transport and salinity intrusion models in estuaries 27 where A (L2) is the cross section area and Q (L3T-1) is the discharge.

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