By Simen Andersen Øyen, Tone Lund-Olsen, Nora Sørensen Vaage

Technological know-how and faith are frequently seen as dichotomies. yet even supposing our modern society is usually perceived as a clarification procedure, we nonetheless desire vast, metaphysical ideals outdoor of what will be confirmed empirically. Rituals and logos stay on the middle of contemporary existence. Do our thoughts of technological know-how and faith require revitalization? Can technology itself be thought of a faith, a trust, or an ideology? Science's authority and status enables little within the method of trade methods now not based in empirical technological know-how. it isn't strange to think that know-how and technology will resolve the world's primary difficulties. Has fact been colonized by means of technology? Have clinical disciplines develop into so really expert and "operationally closed" that they've developed limitations to different disciplines in addition to most of the people? The writers of this ebook got down to examine even if the symbols of academia could now and again tackle a top quality of sacrality, even if the rule of thumb of specialists might be stated to have the nature of a "priesthood of knowledge", even if faith has a spot in medical contexts, and a variety of alternative questions referring to technology and its relatives to spiritual trust.

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But all three are today faced with the same basic needs for epistemic and institutional adaptation to the positive and necessary demands for an enlightened modernity, in short, for a “modernization of consciousness” (Habermas 2005): 1. A recognition of various kinds of insight and knowledge that are established by sciences and scholarly disciplines, though critically conceived, but are still the best we have. Religious teaching and practices should be adapted accordingly. 2. A self-critical reflection on, and recognition of, the plurality of religions and other “comprehensive doctrines” (Rawls 1993).

Member States and Governance in the EU. London: Ashgate. Wolff, J. 2011. Ethics & Public Policy. A Philosophical Inquiry. London: Routledge. 54 SACRED SCIENCE? Chapter 4: Doubt has been eliminated Roger Strand In a speech before the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, Gro Harlem Brundtland, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Climate Change, said: So what is it that is new today? What is new is that doubt has been eliminated. The report of the International Panel on Climate Change is clear.

Chapter 3: What is epistocracy? Finally, in the post-decision part of decision-making, a study of epistocracy must once more investigate the role of bureaucrats and professionals in public administration – the extra power of administrative expertise constellations when laws and policies are to be implemented. In addition comes the role of courts and judges who interpret and apply law, be it in ordinary proceedings, or by means of judicial review where the legality of administrative and parliamentary decisions are tested.

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