By Geraldine Woods

Considers opposing interpretations of the Constitution's moment modification and definitely the right to undergo hands and offers arguments for and opposed to gun keep an eye on. additionally discusses the background of violent crime within the usa.

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The opinion also stated that state and federal laws may regulate when and in what manner individuals may possess firearms. ” (NARA, Office of Emergency Management) 49 50 Right to Bear Arms “The states cannot . . ” —Supreme Court majority opinion in Presser v. State of Illinois, 1886 1212121 However, a separate statement from the Court also explained that “all citizens capable of bearing arms” make up the militia or a reserve militia of the United States or of individual states. The Court said that neither the states nor the federal government may limit guns so severely that the militia can no longer exist.

Both the states’ righters and the Federalists achieved some victories, and both groups also suffered some defeats. The issue of a standing army and local militias is a good example of the compromises the founders made. ” However, the armed Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Library of forces may be financed for only two years at a time. Congress, Prints and Photographs Division Every other year, Congress must vote to authorize addi[LC-USZ61-1147]) tional money. The idea behind this design was that Congress, representing citizens from every state, could limit the power of the army by controlling its funding.

James Madison, one of the writers of the Constitution, drafted this 25 26 Right to Bear Arms The Constitution was ratified, or accepted, by the 13 original states between 1787 and 1790. Many delegates to the Constitutional Convention were wary of creating a standing army. In the years following, however, Americans have come to accept the need for a strong and prepared armed forces. S. interests. ” Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts objected to the last part of Madison’s draft. He was worried about excusing people on the basis of religion.

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