By Edward Reekie, Fakhri A. Bazzaz

A lot attempt has been dedicated to constructing theories to give an explanation for the extensive edition we detect in reproductive allocation between environments. Reproductive Allocation in crops describes why vegetation vary within the percentage in their assets that they allocate to replica and appears into a number of the theories. This e-book examines the ecological and evolutionary motives for version in plant reproductive allocation from the viewpoint of the underlying physiological mechanisms controlling replica and development. a global staff of prime specialists have ready chapters summarizing the present nation of the sector and delivering their perspectives at the components picking reproductive allocation in crops. this may be a helpful source for senior undergraduate scholars, graduate scholars and researchers in ecology, plant ecophysiology, and inhabitants biology. * eight notable chapters devoted to the evolution and ecology of edition in plant reproductive allocation * Written by means of a global workforce of top specialists within the box * offers adequate historical past details to make it available to senior undergraduate scholars * contains over 60 figures and 29 tables

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With this wide definition, for example, nutrients in the photosynthetic machinery in active leaves can be classified as storage. The translocation of such compounds to reproductive structures, however, would also directly affect somatic functions (leaf photosynthesis). , 1990). , 1998). If this is the P088386-01 8/16/05 8:32 AM Page 27 Costs of Reproduction 27 case, the cost of reproduction may be diluted over a period of time before the apparent onset of reproductive activities while during the season of seed production somatic growth can be maintained without any apparent costs.

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