By Rolf Gimbel, Nigel J. D. Graham, M. Robin Collins

Overview on various biofiltration platforms from reports carried out worldwide. The booklet presents a point of view at the actual, chemical, organic, and operational elements affecting the functionality of gradual sand filtration (SSF), riverbank filtration (RBF), soil-aquifer remedy (SAT), and organic activated carbon (BAC) techniques. the most subject matters are: similar overviews of biofiltration systems; Read more...


gradual sand filtration is sometimes brought up as being the 1st 'engineered' technique in drinking-water therapy. This identify offers an overview on numerous biofiltration structures from studies Read more...

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S. Summers*, K. Shimabuku*,T. L. Zearley** *Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder CO 80309 -0428 **AAAS Science and Technology Fellow ABSTRACT Organic micropollutants are increasingly being detected in the world’s drinking water sources. The need exists for sustainable drinking water treatment options to remove these pollutants. The research studying biotechnologies, such as biological filtration and managed aquifer recharge is growing.

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