By Stewart C. Bushong ScD FACR FACMP

This well known workbook/laboratory handbook is meant to assist scholars assessment details and sharpen abilities which are necessary to turning into a reliable radiographer. The workbook is split into worksheets that supplement the cloth coated within the textual content. appropriate for homework or in-class assignments, the workbook comprises worksheets, crossword puzzles, laboratory experiments, a math teach part, and worthy appendices. Worksheets correspond with the 5 sections of the most ebook, protecting radiologic physics, the x-ray beam, the radiographic picture, targeted x-ray imaging, and radiation protection.

  • Over a hundred worksheets concentrate on specific issues from particular chapters within the text.
  • "Bushbits" supply a concise precis of data from the textbook that's suitable to the workout questions.
  • Math show worksheets on decimal and fractional timers, fraction/decimal conversion, fixing for wanted mAs, and method alterations offer a great refresher or extra perform with proper math concepts.
  • Laboratory Experiments give you the framework for experiments within the lab atmosphere, designed to assist in knowing through hands-on experience.

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Has a higher electrostatic charge. b. Has higher LET. c. Is heavier. d. Is more densely ionizing. e. Is more penetrating. When comparing electromagnetic radiation with particulate radiation, it is true that: a. Both interact by ionization and excitation. b. Particulate radiation exists only at the speed of light. c. They are equally penetrating. d. They have equal mass. e. They have nearly equal LET. 12. Particulate ionizing radiation: a. Can include any type of subatomic particle. b. Has greater range than electromagnetic radiation.

British b. CGS c. French d. MKS e. ST 12. The unit of measure that is the same for all systems of measure is the: a. Calorie. b. Kilogram. c. Meter. d. Pound. e. Second. 7. Which of the following is an SI name for a base unit? a. Celsius b. Kilovolt c. Milliampere d. Newton e. Second 8. Which of the following is a unit o f energy? a. Gray b. Joule c. Newton d. Rad e. Sievert 9. Which of the following is expressed in the proper units? a. Absorbed dose: Sv b. Activity: rem c. Dose equivalent: rad d.

2. 1% of the original activity? a. 4 half-lives b. 6 half-lives c. 8 half-lives d. 10 half-lives e. 12 half-lives Copyright O 2004, Elsevier. All rights reserved 3. 19 MBq) sample of l 3 l ~ ( t I l= 2 8 days), the radioactivity will be 3 pCi after approximately how many days? a. 24 days b. 32 days c. 36 days d. 40 days e. 44 days 4. A 10 mCi quantity of technetium 99mTc(t112= 6 hr) is available at 8:00 AM. At 12:OO noon that same day, the radioactivity will be closer to: a. 1 mCi than 3 mCi. b.

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