By Jillian De Gezelle

​The Q’eqchi’ Maya of Belize have an in depth pharmacopoeia of medicinal vegetation used normally for reproductive well-being and fertility, using greater than 60 plant species for those future health remedies. Ten species have been chosen for research in their estrogenic job utilizing a reporter gene assay. 9 of the species have been estrogenic, 4 of the species have been additionally antiestrogenic, and of the extracts have been cytotoxic to the MCF-7 breast melanoma cellphone line. Women’s therapeutic traditions are being misplaced within the Q’eqchi’ groups of Belize at an sped up cost, as a result of a mix of things together with: migration from Guatemala disrupting conventional traces of data transmission; perceived disapproval by way of biomedical gurus; women’s constrained mobility because of family tasks; and absence of self belief stemming from the devaluation of women’s wisdom. Q’eqchi’ medicinal plant wisdom is very gendered with men and women utilizing diverse species in conventional health and wellbeing remedies. Revitalizing women’s therapeutic practices is key for preserving the normal wisdom had to offer finished healthcare for Belize’s indigenous communities.

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A woman would drink this twice per day, once in the morning, once in the evening for 2 days or until she gets better. This is a hot remedy, according to his classification system. This is a common plant found in primary or secondary forests, though it takes a long time for it to grow into a big vine, according to Don Francisco. He says the bark could be stored for over a year and could still be used. ) Urb. was reported to be used by Latino healers in New York City for the treatment of uterine fibroids (Balick et al.

Plant names used by the healers and herbalists are in italics text, with additional local names parenthetically listed preceding the Latin names and authors of the botanical nomenclature. 2 Results and Discussion 31 Ms. Francisca and Ms. Adelina, who are elder Q’eqchi’ herbalists. These two men and two women were among my closest collaborators. Don is the Spanish prefix used to denote respect for a male elder, and is utilized when referring to male ilonels. Don Francisco is considered to be the most knowledgeable ilonel or traditional healer involved with the BITI.

He says this blessing is also important because you also do not know what spirits have been there before, so he needs to pray so that the plant is effective. Another healer, Don Manuel explained that “God left the plants for us to heal one another,” and that he prays to God before collecting plants. “You have to ask God to collect the plant and mention for what purpose the plant is for. This prayer is part of a 13 part treatment prayer also. You need to collect at least 13 leaves of each plant.

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