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Example 1: Thrust block design Determine the thrust block design for a pipe with the following characteristics: • Pipe = AWWA C900 Pressure Class 150 • Size = 8 in. 050 in. 33 sin ---------- = 7,385 lb 2 From Table 4-11, the soil-bearing capacity is 1,500 lb/ft2. 39 ft2 rounded to 8 ft2 Use a thrust block with a height H of 2 ft and a length L of 4 ft. 5 (7)). Example 2: Thrust block design For the same situation as Example 1, use a passive resistance thrust block design. Assume Ht is equal to 4 ft.

38 for PVC) P = internal pipe pressure, psig E = modulus of elasticity, psi t = pipe thickness, in. 06 × t) R = bending radius of pipe, in. 009% A negative value is normal and indicates that the deflection deforms the pipe such that the diameter paralleling the plane of bending is decreased and the diameter perpendicular to the plane of bending is increased. The preceding example shows that at the recommended maximum bending (minimum bending radius) for 4–12-in. AWWA PVC pressure pipes, a close approximation of deflection can be calculated from the following equation: 2 4 ( 1 – u )( Dm ) 2 2 ∆Y δ = --------- = – --- ( A 1 α ) = – ------------------------------------2 2 3 Dm 16R t (4-28) Analysis of similar examples has shown that the amount of deflection resulting from bending is negligible.

The manner in which flexible pipe performance differs from rigid pipe performance can be understood by visualizing pipe response to applied earth load. In a rigid pipe system, the applied earth load must be carried totally by the inherent strength of the unyielding, rigid pipe, because the soil at the sides of the pipe tends to compress and deform away from the load. In a flexible pipe system, the applied earth load is largely carried by the earth at the sides of the pipe, because the flexible pipe deflects away from the load.

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