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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Step by Step

Train your self how you can use the hot, built-in reporting functions in SQL Server-one step at a time! This sensible, hands-on advisor expertly builds your services with the recommendations and structure of SQL Server Reporting Services-including file Definition Language, document clothier, file Server, and the programming version.

Integrating PHP with Windows

Entry and run home windows® net and database applied sciences with PHPTake your personal home page programming talents deep into Windows—and construct personal home page purposes that run successfully and successfully on an array of home windows applied sciences. full of hands-on routines, this in-depth consultant exhibits you the way to take advantage of Hypertext Preprocessor to have interaction with net info prone 7.

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TinyInt Integer 1 Whole numbers from 0 to 255. Decimal or Numeric Decimal/ Numeric Varies Fixed precision and scale from –1038–1 to 1038–1. The two names are synonymous. Money Money 8 Monetary units from –263 to 263 plus precision to four decimal places. Note that this could be any monetary unit, not just dollars. 3647. Float (also a Approximate Numerics Varies Accepts an argument (for example, Float(20)) that determines size and precision. Note that the argument is in bits, not bytes. 79E + 308.

Implicit conversions between xml data types are supported only if the source or target is untyped xml. Otherwise, the conversion must be explicit. Figure 1-3 Not exactly what we were after, is it? qxd:WroxBeg 11/22/08 10:19 AM Page 18 Chapter 1: RDBMS Basics: What Makes Up a SQL Server Database? Date and time data types, such as the output of the GETDATE() function, aren’t implicitly convertible to a string data type, such as Today’s date is, yet we run into these conversions on a regular basis.

Microsoft refers to them as “required,” then points out that a lack of parentheses is actually supported, but for backward compatibility only. This means that Microsoft may pull support for that in a later release, so if you do not need to support older versions of SQL Server, I strongly recommend using parentheses to delimit a TOP expression in your queries. The SELECT Statement and FROM Clause The verb — in this case a SELECT — is the part of the overall statement that tells SQL Server what we are doing.

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