By Jelte Rozema, Rien Aerts, Hans Cornelissen

This ebook specializes in how weather impacts or affected the biosphere and vice versa either within the current and long ago. The chapters describe how ecosystems from the Antarctic and Arctic, and from different latitudes, reply to worldwide weather swap. The papers spotlight plant responses to atmospheric CO2 bring up, to international warming and to elevated ultraviolet-B radiation because of stratospheric ozone depletion.

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Stable isotope compositions are reported in the d notation: d ¼ ðRsample = Rstandard À 1Þ Â 1000, where R represents13 C=12 C. 15&. CO2 exposure in elevated CO2 plots The degree to which the moss species had processed the added CO2 in the elevated CO2 plots was roughly estimated from the stable C isotope composition of the mosses, the commercial CO2 added to accomplish the target CO2 concentration in the elevated CO2 plots and ambient CO2 in air (Pepin and Ko¨rner 2002; Pataki et al. 2003). Only an indication of the actual CO2 exposure in the 32 elevated CO2 plots could be obtained, because the moss species are C3 plants.

C. P. uk; fax: +44-0-1904-432998) Received 1 September 2004; accepted in revised form 15 December 2004 Key words: Abundance, C/N ratio, Polytrichum commune, Sphagnum palustre, Sphagnum recurvum, Stable C isotope composition Abstract We studied the effects of elevated CO2 (180 –200 ppmv above ambient) on growth and chemistry of three moss species (Sphagnum palustre, S. recurvum and Polytrichum commune) in a lowland peatland in the Netherlands. Thereto, we conducted both a greenhouse experiment with both Sphagnum species and a field experiment with all three species using MiniFACE (Free Air CO2 Enrichment) technology during 3 years.

Recurvum in 2003 (Figure 3a, b). This means that S. recurvum was in general more abundant at higher water tables, while the opposite held for S. palustre. 030). Such a CO2 effect on moss C/N ratio and N concentration was not significant for each species separately. Tissue C/N ratio was highest for S. recurvum, intermediate for S. palustre and lowest for Polytrichum shoots (Figure 4). N concentration was significantly higher for Polytrichum than for the Sphagnum species. C/N ratio and N concentrations of the three moss species were not related to water table.

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