By Oscar Wilde

In this celebrated paintings, his in simple terms novel, Wilde solid a devastating portrait of the consequences of evil and debauchery on a tender aesthete in late-19th-century England. Combining parts of the Gothic horror novel and decadent French fiction, the booklet facilities on a extraordinary premise: As Dorian grey sinks right into a lifetime of crime and gross sensuality, his physique keeps ideal adolescence and energy whereas his lately painted portrait grows day-to-day right into a hideous list of evil, which he needs to maintain hidden from the area. For over a century, this spell binding story of horror and suspense has loved huge attractiveness. It ranks as one in every of Wilde's most crucial creations and one of the vintage achievements of its kind.

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It thereby opens onto resistances that we may signify as “queer” and yet that are not bound by or reducible to one’s sexuality. Abandoning the spatial model of private property and turning toward temporalities of ‘lost pasts,’28 we may transform our lives from ones of anxiety endemic to desire, toward ones of joy that open onto freedom. 20 PART ONE DEMARCATING THE SPACE OF DOMINATION: THE POLITICS OF FREEDOM Liberalism’s Neutral Individual Delimiting Racial and Sexual Difference Freedom ought to have some limits.

One must not labor upon—or enclose and subsequently own— more than one can use: “The same Law of Nature, that does by this means 28 Liberalism’s Neutral Individual give us Property, does also bound that Property too . . especially keeping within the bounds, set by reason of what might serve for his use” (section 31). The logic of the limit thereby grounds Locke’s sense of property multiply: we own that upon which we labor, as evidenced by our ability to enclose the cultivated land; and we only maintain our rights to such ownership through properly obeying the boundaries and enclosures of reason, which is bound in turn by the yoke of utility.

The fear of encroachment begins to override any desire to cross these clear and distinct boundaries. And the crossing of boundaries, whether between persons, classes, sexes, races, nations, or religions, becomes prohibited. Boundaries differentiate us; individuation becomes our most precious value; and the crossing of boundaries is forbidden, creating that tantalizing social realm of fetish and taboo. The two registers of the logic of the limit, enclosure and prohibition, are thereby analytically distinct, but functionally intertwined.

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