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So that’s Brownian motion. It’s close to seeing individual particles. It’s evidence of the existence of particles, because how else would you explain what you’re seeing under the microscope? FIGURE 6 AN ILLUSTRATION OF THE DIFFICULTIES OF ENGENDERING CONCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH GROUP DIALOGUE IN CLASSROOMS (FROM BEVERIDGE AND RIMMERSHAW, 1991) learning’. Similarly, Newman and Holzman argue that the scenes and contexts of schools have been ‘passivised’ and as a result the real significance of the ZPD as a connection between learning and development is lost.

Description Here the teacher is training the class in the behaviours which will enable pupils to use class discussion profitably Cognitive Conflict Here the conflict is induced deliberately by the teacher Further training behaviour in class Second Construction phase Cognitive Conflict induced implicitly by teacher Description Whole class discussion (Vygotskian aspect) First step to promoting opportunity for pupils to learn from each other Metacognition 43 44 MICHAEL SHAYER Teacher Two boys again being silly because unused to this kind of expected class behaviour.

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